Fresh Thoughts: A strange way to exist.

If we are supposed to embrace this opportunity on earth – to exist, to encourage, to enjoy, to explore, to experiment, to educate.. then why are their people outside in the pouring rain clutching brief cases and walking into grey office blocks? Why do these people pass other hunched beings in pissy doorways begging for change? Is this really the staple way to live our lives?

Love Your JobThe thing is those people in the doorways begging for change probably look at these workers wishing they’d be given a chance, just one chance, to fit in to the rat race, to wear a uniform, to be on payroll and to be accepted by ‘normal’ proceedings. Many were probably there, two or three years ago, mixed in with the raincoats of busy business bodies before their ‘normal’ proceedings collapsed. Now they find themselves at rock bottom, invisible and having to pick up the pieces. Victims of the monetary system and victims of neglect.

The one positive from being away from a 9-5 grind is you get time to yourself. Time to think spiritually and assess ones worth, where you stand, who you are and connecting to the beauty of our land and its notion. Ironically, this thinking is overlooked by many workers. They simply don’t have the time to fathom such subjects, robbed of thoughts and original organic vibes. Although they believe to be free and in control of their lives they’re still lining the pockets of a select few at the top. Treated like shit, treated like numbers in a grid, taxed, spending days somewhere that the majority don’t want to be.

I often think if you could zoom out at our population and take a birds eye view you’d be presented with not the hairlines of healthy happy people but a muddled activity of £/$ signs, ?’s and the odd light bulb. From birth we’re entangled in a monetary web. “This is the way to live.”

Why do you need to do well in school? To get grades. Why do you need to get grades? To get a job. Why do you need a job? To get money. Why do you need money? To survive.

creamIf you take into account our landscape and the nature surrounding us, as well as our creative strides and progression in technology, then it’s a pretty bland way to exist. For sure, some may say we needed ‘money’ to buy the compartments to build such advanced technology but I’m convinced we’ve reached a point where we don’t need to slave for a wage and money is disposable. It was created out of thin air to begin with, a very small percentage of money is physical, the majority is simply numbers on a screen.

There are plants out there that can expand your consciousness, there is meditation that can clean your soul, we have a beaming sun, there are oceans, there are mountains. Whether you like it or not we are all bags of DNA wandering around on a spinning rock in the air. Concentrating on the outer skin and how we’re presented, rather than exploring our inner-self is all too played out.  Are you seriously telling me the way to experience this game of life is to sign contracts, dress smartly and process forms?

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